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From its inception, SCRIP leaders have taken a multi-faceted approach to conservation. Its all-volunteer force has accomplished so much, from the restoration of the Stonycreek River fishery to the acquisition of 5 large Bethlehem properties for public use. SCRIP continues to fulfill its mission through a variety of initiatives, including the annual Que Classic fishing tournament, which not only provides a recreational opportunity, but also raises awareness of the importance of our water resources.

Below are a few examples of SCRIP’s major projects, including past accomplishments and ongoing efforts.

Restoration Projects

Largest Public Land Acquisition in PA History

Under SCRIP leadership, the largest single public land and water acquisition in Pennsylvania history resulted in the conversion of five reservoirs, encompassing over 5,000 acres, from private to public ownership in August of 2000. As a board and with the monumental efforts of individual board members acting in their professional capacities, SCRIP led the effort to acquire the properties for public use and conservation. Formerly owned by Bethlehem Steel, Quemahoning, Hinckston, Wilmore, South Fork, and Border reservoirs are now under the care of the Cambria Somerset Authority, which was formed to manage the properties for public recreation and conservation in perpetuity. For more information on this historic public acquisition, download “Public Acquisition of the Manufacturers Water Company Properties – The Real Story”, written by SCRIP Chairman Len Lichvar (below).

"Public Acquisition of the Manufacturers
Water Company Properties - The Real Story"

Oven Run AMD Treatment Project

SCRIP and partners were successful in implementing the 6-site $5 million Oven Run AMD abatement project, reviving much of the fishery of the Stonycreek River. At each of the 6 sites, the project utilizes passive treatment technologies to treat abandoned mine drainage. Through the cumulative removal of 800-900 tons of acidity, 200 tons of iron, and 200 tons of aluminum annually, the Oven Run sites have restored fisheries to 10 miles of the Stonycreek River.

Recreational Projects

Que Classic Fishing Tournament

From 2006-2010, SCRIP hosted the Que Classic, a fishing tournament held at Quemahoning Lake, Somerset County. The goal is to attract residents to utilize and this resource, while educating them about conservation and SCRIP’s efforts. Annually, up to 25 boats carrying 50 participants compete to catch the most fish and the most species of fish. Prizes are awarded in many categories.

Kayak and Fishing Programs

SCRIP now sponsors, in conjunction with the PA Fish and Boat Commission’s Family Fishing Programs, annual free to the public education programs that cover learning how to kayak, how to fish and how to fish from a kayak.

Other Projects


In addition to the large projects mentioned above, SCRIP continues to participate in many diverse initiatives, including Trout in the Classroom, Outdoor Heritage Month, and others. SCRIP also continues to participate in restoration and monitoring projects and advocates sound conservation through education, outreach and position statements.

Position Statement on Marcellus Shale gas drilling

SCRIP explains its position on the Marcellus Shale gas drilling and its impacts along the Stonycreek River.

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Position Statement on the Shaffer Mountain Wind Power Facility in Somerset County

SCRIP explains its position on the Shaffer Mountain Wind Power Facility and its impacts along the Stonycreek River.

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